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Heropanti Review

by Rajat Srivastav

written on May 22, 2014 - 1pm EST.

Verdict: Hit Hai ***


Iski Heropanti mein Dum hai !!

Computing has generations I, II, III, IV, V  and so does Bollywood with Kapoor, Johar, Chopra and many more.

 Technology has coined a term ‘Version’ which is commonplace be it Android, I-phone or IOS.

Bollywood will now have versions too…Will shed light on it in due course.

Cutting down the fritters, and coming straight to the gut…Be ready to embrace the Tiger !!!


True, we will have voices raised about his not so commanding voice quality. His mannerisms and expressions will be questioned. Twitter Jokes notwithstanding, when one reminisces an Aamir Khan in ‘Love Love Love’ or Salman Khan in ‘Biwi Ho to Aisi’ or maybe a Shahid in a lot of his earlier flicks, the gawkiness-quotient is much less and the attitude–quotient is relatively high in contrast and that my friends is good news for the lad.


About the movie, Heropanti is a coming-of-age love story(version 2.0) and boasts of all possible dramatics that a launch vehicle deserves. Best part, it has just two central characters, the girl’s father and the hero.  To start with, it’s a make-believe village ‘Hekri’ meaning arrogance aka JAT-LAND where love is outlawed and the outlaws have a right to honor-killing!

(Screen –writers have started taking total liberty of a lawless village after Wasseypur and conveniently isolate it from the society and law ..Be it Bakrapur, Filmistan,  and now ‘Hekri’).


So the first quarter of a movie introduces the so-called Jat-Land village, the boisterous Jats and associates of the goon family all around our two central characters through a lengthy sequence of eloped love-birds. Entry scene is electrifying with the highly tensile and springy fighting abilities of the lad. However it doesn’t do much to accentuate the movie and neither do the songs at this juncture. Tiger doesn’t start roaring yet !


The second installment doesn’t move the story much but raises expectations with a few surprises  , antics , parkour abilities (you know whose ), small revelations, highpoint being when lead pair are about to face each other for the first time just before Interval. The entire sequence is edgy and cleverly written though the story still hasn’t moved much!


The third part after the interval is fast paced and you connect with both the action and the emotions. That is when you notice the built-up between the lad and the goon which is the best moment of the movie. The father of the bride takes the cake while the lad emotes well too. That’s the moment you start relishing the movie. Music is pleasing to both eyes and ears.


The penultimate sequences and climax covers for the earlier blemishes as you start sinking into the script shades and performances. At this point viewer realizes though that the writers have indeed penned a different lovey-dovey tale with a shrewdly crafted bond between boy &father of the bride. The screenwriting is good and fresh although the script could have been crisper and editing tighter.


Howsoever confident and full of perky attitude, Tiger Shroff doesn’t escape from first –movie jitters and does appear gauche, plummy voice, anglicized accent etc. However you feel his charm gradually , then also realize this HYBRID VERSION as you see a bit of Aamir’s boyish looks, Shahid’s movements, flexible as hell and even has DAD Jackie’s anguish (remember Gardish) as he learns to speak with eyes in the last quarter of the movie. So that’s how Bollywood has moved on to Version 2.0 and would continue to do so. Hitherto new and yet unexplored terrains will be experimented for his kind of potential. The Tiger has arrived!


Prakash Raj as the father of the bride has outdone himself as you see a different phase of the actor in the movie. He seems to have enjoyed his work thoroughly. The chemistry between him and the lad is defining and actually elevates the proceedings.  Kirti Sanon looks gorgeous and fits well into this launch vehicle. She has the requisite skillset and glam quotient to sustain the race. All the other debut placeholders have held themselves some shakily, some firmly and noteworthy is Vikram Singh out of the entire support cast and crew.


You know it’s a hit when you want to listen to the entire after song and dance sequence- The Pappi song appears in the end credits.

If you are a Bollywood enthusiast, you will not be disappointed with this lovey-dovey action-emotional tale.


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BollywoodHungama 3.5/5

On the whole, HEROPANTI is designed as a launch pad for Tiger Shroff and it gives him ample opportunity to prove his credentials in his debut film. The good news is, he delivers a striking performance. Additionally, what works is the masala quotient -- melodrama, music and action. An entertainer that hits the right notes!

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IndiaGlitz 2/5

The promising Tiger Shroff sadly in his debut vehicle 'Heropanti' feels stranded in the middle of this mess beating everyone in his path, perhaps mistaking them for the writer and the director.

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NowRunning.com 2/5

Heropanti has its drawbacks but manages to hold the audience in the second half. And more importantly, it does spring two talents to look out for. Tiger, with his innocent looks, should work well with the girls while he could be a valid action star. He may not have his father's voice but he has his style for sure. It would be up to him to make the right moves from here.

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ApunKaChoice.com 3.5/5

"Heropanti" is a full-on 'paisa vasool' Sajid Nadiadwala entertainer. It doesn't quite measure up to the requirements of the theme of honour killing that it so valiantly puts forward. But as a masala entertainer, that has more to say than one would expect from a film of this nature, "Heropanti" gets its fundas right.

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NDTV 3.5/5

Heropanti is a full-on 'paisa vasool' Sajid Nadiadwala entertainer. It doesn't quite measure up to the requirements of the theme of honour killing that it so valiantly puts forward. But as a masala entertainer, that has more to say than one would expect from a film of this nature, Heropanti gets its fundas right.

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Sify.com /5

The music is good enough to sustain the vapid and often illogical script and the songs flit past without grating on your nerves too much. In its defence, Heropanti could claim that it's a time-pass movie but personally, one can think of a number of better ways to pass the hours. Staring at the walls, included. Making a good time-pass movie, even if it is a formulaic one, requires some amount of intelligent scripting and execution. This hero, far from being original, is quite the wannabe.

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Rediff.com 2/5

Heropanti’s sole purpose is to let us know there’s a new actor on the entertainment scene. Nothing about Heropanti is fresh or clever. Saddled with a pedestrian setup, ghastly writing, old-fashioned treatment, tacky styling and uninspiring co-stars, Tiger has little going in his favour.

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TimesOfIndia.com 3/5

Heropanti is enjoyable. The climax pumps up the action, featuring shirtless Tiger, crouching Rajjo. The tale has a twist as graceful as Tiger's flips and you do agree when Tiger suggests, 'Mere naal tu whistle baja.'

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BharatStudent 3/5

The first half goes on a lighter mode with elements of romance, some comedy and action. The interval bang was alright and the second half had a good amount of drag before the climax. Overall, this is a film which has got a standard quality and at the box office, this would be an average to above average grosser.

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OneIndia 2/5

In a nut shell, the movie Heropanti is not just an ideal debut for both Tiger and Kriti, while it's most likely to leave the audience with the question, "What was so heroic in Heropanti?"

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